Hall Crowns

If your child has a cavity, you may think your only option is a “drill and fill.” However, since we want to give every patient the best possible treatment, we’ve incorporated several restorative methods, one of which is the Hall crown technique.

The Hall technique is used to treat back primary teeth with mild-to-moderate decay. With the Hall technique, there is no need for drilling or injections; the process is completely non-invasive.

Instead of drilling out the carious lesion (cavity), we encase it under a pre-formed crown. Because the cavity no longer has access to its food supply (the bacteria that live in the mouth and create acids that attack the teeth), it will not get worse.

The Hall technique is not the right treatment for all molar cavities, so it’s best to talk to us about your son or daughter’s treatment options. Large cavities, when there is not enough healthy tooth structure to hold a Hall crown, or cavities that have extended into the pulp of the tooth, should undergo conventional crown treatment.  

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