Why is Flouride So Good For Our Teeth?

Fluoride is an often overlooked but essential ingredient for having healthy teeth, and it has been used in toothpaste since the 1950s. When used as part of regular dental hygiene, especially if combined with professional treatment, fluoride works to strengthen tooth enamel and protect teeth from decay.

Here are some more details about what makes fluoride so good for our teeth: 

Fluoride Combats Tooth Decay 

Tooth decay is one of the most common oral health issues faced by many people around the world. It occurs when bacteria in the mouth attack the enamel that covers your teeth. Over time, bacteria create an acid which erodes away at this enamel until a cavity starts to form. Fluoride helps to counteract this process by forming a mineral barrier over the enamel which reinforces it against further attack by acids. This makes fluoride a key element in protecting against cavities and other forms of tooth decay.

Fluoride Increases Enamel Strength 

One unique benefit of fluoride is that unlike other minerals like calcium that can only be added externally through foods we eat or supplements we take; Fluoride can actually help regrow lost tooth enamel at a microscopic level thanks to its ability to reactivate proteins responsible for its formation deep within our mouths. This process of repairing affected areas of our teeth with extra layers of mineralized material called “remineralization” helps restore them back into their original form - making us able to retain more of our own natural smile over longer periods of time!

Fluoride Boosts Immune System Health

Not only is fluoride known to strengthen teeth but also boost general health as well due to its ability stimulate immune defenses within our bodies! The fluoride present in fluoridation products activates proteins like macrophages (white blood cells) which patrol for invading microorganisms, alerting other elements within our body when threats are detected - helping us prevent things like gum disease or bad breath! In summary, Fluoride is an important element in maintaining optimal oral health because it strengthens weakened enamels while restoring them back into their original form through remineralization; encourages reparative activity within our mouths; bolsters our immune system’s defense capabilities – thus enabling us to retain more of our own smiles over long periods of time!